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 Madison, WI, July 2006 summary

 Missoula, MT, July 6-8, 2007

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The Wisconsin Emu Association (WIEA), an affiliate of the American Emu Association (AEA),  is a member driven community dedicated to developing structural support and visionary leadership for the emu industry through actions that develop public awareness of emu products and develop the means to advance the growing emu industry.



EMU OIL page contains links to information on emu oil. For your convienence, you will find a list of emu growers and retail stores in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois where emu oil and emu oil products can be found.    

MEAT MEAT page contains links to emu meat information, a nutritional comparison chart, cooking instructions and recipes for emu meat.  For your convienience, you will find a list of emu growers and retail stores in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois where emu meat can be found.     


FAQ contains frequently asked questions about Raising Emus and questions about Edible Emu Eggs.    AEA CONVENTION page lists information about the AEA National Convention.  Visit this page often as is is constantly being updated.    

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   A strange looking bird that produces tasty, nutrient-rich red meat and oil with potential health benefits is creating a flock of new fans in the United States.  Originally from Australia, this cousin to the ostrich is being raised in the United States for its lean red meat and the food by-products. Farmers who have diversified their operations to include emu find the big birds take up little space. Most emu operations in the U.S. are run on less than 10 acres.

“Emus produce nutrient-rich, Heart Healthy™ red meat high in protein but low in cholesterol and calories,” according to the American Emu Association president. “The oil produced by emus is used in health and beauty products.”     In addition to meat and oil, the bird’s hide also is marketable and is used for boots and soft leather products. Less pricey than those of their ostrich cousin, the feathers are showing up in the fashion market. The large green eggs are popular with egg artists, particularly those that carve or sculpt eggs.  

  For more information about the products produced by this alternative agriculture, visit the American Emu Association (AEA) website at , call (541) 332-0675 or email:   

   The American Emu Association is a national, non-profit organization that represents an alternative agricultural industry, dominated by the small farmer, who is devoted to humane and environmentally positive practices that will produce beneficial products for society.